Osama Hajjaj banned from travel and facing charges over a cartoon


Renowned Jordanian cartoonist Osama Hajjaj is banned from travel pending legal action (and potentially time in prison) because of a cartoon that is said to be offensive to Islam.

The cartoon (shown above) is about birth control. The text in the top panel reads' birth control' and in the bottom panel 'without birth control'. The prosecution claims the cartoon is offensive to Islam, because the women in the bottom panel wears a veil, while the woman in the top panel does not.

Osama was charged with the offence pursuant to Article (150) of the Penal Code, and in terms of Article (15) Cyber Crimes, and he plead not guilty.

We support Osama's not guilty plea and call upon the Jordan authorities to drop all charges against him.

New cartoonist: Magalú

2-ColombiaCartoon about the protest in Colombia

Mariana García (pen name Magalú) is an award-winning cartoonist from Argentina. Her work ha been published in Puntal newspaper, La Mosca Muerta, a supplement for Humor con Voz (La Voz del Interior), Umbrales, La Ribera, Polosecky and El Sur. She has also illustrated several books.

New cartoonist: Amany Alali


Amany Alali is a Syrian cartoonist. She has lived through the war. Published on social networks and in the Arab press, her caricatures deal with what surrounds her on a daily basis: bombs, terrorism and misery. The young cartoonist (she was born in 1984) is fighting a double battle, to remind people about the horrors of war, and for women's rights. For this, Amany Alali is regularly threatened.

New cartoonist: Nani Lucas


Nani has published cartoons since he was 20 years old. He made his career in Rio de Janeiro publishing in newspapers like Tribuna da Imprensa and the historical satirical tabloid O PASQUIM, among others. He now publishes cartoons in Piauí magazine, Supapo and +Humor. Visit his website to see more of his work.