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القمع وو حرية التعبيرCartoon by Ahmad Rahma

In December 2020, we celebrated our 10th anniversary (very modestly, given we were, and still are, in lockdown). We are incredibly proud to have been around for a decade. Building and launching Cartoon Movement would not have been possible without funding, which we were lucky to have in 2010. But our aim was always to become self-sustaining as a platform, and we have been since 2013.

Keeping ourselves afloat without external funding, investors or advertisers has been challenging at times. While our hosting and server costs have only gone up over the years, money earned per cartoon sold has either stayed the same or gone down.

So in 2021, we would like to see if we can leverage additional support from our fans. If you like what we do, and if you want to support political satire, press freedom, and freedom of expression in general, please consider making a (onetime or monthly) donation. You can also become a supporter of our Facebook page. Supporting us will not only ensure we remain ad-free, it will also help us pay our cartoonists for the beautiful, scathing, hilarious and always thought-provoking work they do.

Part of our mission is to promote editorial cartoons and we feel we do that best by trying to reach the widest audience possible. Therefore, we will not put our cartoons behind a paywall. However, we are open to experiment with fan involvement. If you became a support, would you for instance be interested to help in the editorial process? Or would you like access to exclusive content such as interviews and behind-the-scenes to get an idea of the creative process behind the cartoon?

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Cartoon by Gatis Sluka


Our January newsletter is out!

You are hereCartoon by Nani.

Our first newsletter of the new year is out. You can read it here. We welcome new US president Joe Biden as we hope to say goodbye to the corona pandemic soon (although it doesn't look like it at the moment). So, whether you are in lockdown or not, we are here to bring you some diversion with our cartoons!

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New cartoonist: MATE

26 - antivacunas

Matías Tejeda (pen name MATE) is a cartoonist from Argentina. Although he attended different courses and workshops, his training as an illustrator and painter has been mostly self-taught. Currently, he is working as a (mostly political) illustrator for magazines, books and websites.

New cartoonist: Nani

4262 women rights

Adriana Mosquera Soto, alias Nani, is a Spanish-Colombian biologist, cartoonist and author with a career spanning 25 years. She has worked with a lot of newspapers from the Hispanic world, published 16 books, and has worked with NGOs on gender equality in Spain and Colombia.