Summer break

Summer-in-EuropeCartoon by Thiago Lucas

Cartoon Movement is on summer break in August. That means we’ll not be publishing any editor’s choices and we’ll be less active on our social media channels. We’ll be back on August 30th with cartoons, comics and new projects!

Cartooning the future

Last week, we did a project titled Cartooning the Future for the Ministry of Justice and Security in the Netherlands. During the annual Summerschool of the Ministry, we hosted a workshop for employees of the Ministry, challenging them to sketch their vision of the future.

The sketches were uploaded to the. Professional cartoonists from across the globe chose the best, most inspiring ideas and turned them into editorial cartoons. On Friday July 8th a selection of these cartoons was on display in The Hague, during the festive closing conference of the Justice and Security Summerschool.

You can check out all the cartoons and sketches on the project page of The Next Movement. Here below, we give a small impression of the exhibition.






Exhibition: Framing the War

BenG Oekraine-poster-A0_V6-1

We are incredibly proud to announce the exhibition Framing the War, organized together with media museum Sound and Vision The Hague and Dutch press agency ANP.

From day one, the war in Ukraine has also been a media war. There are more images than ever, made by journalists, civilians, media and press agencies. Ukrainian and foreign journalists and media try to report the war objectively and independently. In Russia, the state controls all media with no space for independent and free journalism.

Framing the War portrays the first hundred days of the war through the lens of international news photographers and through the pen of international cartoonists. The documentary photography and satirical cartoons combined to paint a unique picture of the conflict. They invite you as a visitor to take a critical look at coverage of the war: what do I know and what do I see, and how important and how influential are the makers of the images?

This exhibition is a collection of news photos and cartoons. It includes work by news photographers who stayed in Ukraine during the first 100 days of the war. Cartoons cartoons are made by, among others, Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Gatis Sluka (Latvia), Tjeerd Royaards (Netherlands) and Emad Hajjaj (Jordan).

Framing the war - 100 days of war in Ukraine in photos and cartoons.

15 July 2022 - 4 September 2022
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Sound and Vision The Hague
Zeestraat 82
The Hague, The Netherlands

The exhibition is a production of press agency ANP, media museum Sound and Vision The Hague and cartoonists platform Cartoon Movement. It is made possible by the support of the V-Fonds and the Municipality of The Hague.