Artist talk: cartoons as an act of resistance

Article19_udhr__daniel_murphyCartoon by Daniel Murphy

What is the impact of image satire and cartoons on society in 2023? Join CM cartoonists Sanaz Bagheri and Tjeerd Royaards on February 25 at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen (The Netherlands) where they will discuss the current state of visual satire together with Dutch cartoonist Jip van den Toorn in a discussion moderated by journalist and writer Peter Wierenga.

How do they see their role as cartoonists? What is it like to do satire in Iran or during the Nazi regime compared to an open society like the Netherlands, where do you aim your arrows? What makes a cartoon or drawing such an appropriate form for social criticism? What are the reactions to their work and how do they deal with it?

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