Exhibition: Framing the War

On July 14, our exhibition Framing the War was opened in the Sound and Vision media museum in The Hague by the director of Sound and Vision and the mayor of  The Hague. Framing the War shows 100 days of war in Ukraine with about 125 photos of the Dutch press agency ANP and 75 international cartoons from Cartoon Movement.

In the photos posted below, we'll try to give you an impression of the exhibition, but we highly recommend that, if you're in the area, you go see the exhibition for yourself. It will be on display until September 4. More information here.









Photos by Cartoon Movement and by Rob Hogeslag.

Cartooning the future

Last week, we did a project titled Cartooning the Future for the Ministry of Justice and Security in the Netherlands. During the annual Summerschool of the Ministry, we hosted a workshop for employees of the Ministry, challenging them to sketch their vision of the future.

The sketches were uploaded to the. Professional cartoonists from across the globe chose the best, most inspiring ideas and turned them into editorial cartoons. On Friday July 8th a selection of these cartoons was on display in The Hague, during the festive closing conference of the Justice and Security Summerschool.

You can check out all the cartoons and sketches on the project page of The Next Movement. Here below, we give a small impression of the exhibition.






New cartoonist: Iain Green


Iain Green is a cartoonist from Scotland. His first work as a political cartoonist appeared in Punch magazine, around the time of Tony Blair’s ‘97 election win. Since then he has worked for The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, The Guardian, Independent and the Scottish Daily Mail. He has also contributed to Holyrood magazine since 2005.

World Press Cartoon 2022 winners

The winners of World Press Cartoon, one of the most prestigious cartoon awards in the world, were announced this weekend. We are proud that the winners include multiple cartoonists who publish on Cartoon Movement, including the winner of the Grand Prix. You can see the winning cartoons below. Check out all the WPC winners here.







Cartoon exhibition: Power unmasked

1. Vladimir  Kazanevsky - OekraïneCartoon by Vladimir Kazanevsky

If you are planning to visit the Stripdagen Haarlem, a comic book festival taking place in Haarlem, The Netherlands, between June 3 and 12, be sure to visit our political cartoon exhibition Power unmasked at the provincial government building.

The exhibition shows work from various Cartoon Movement contributors and other renowned international cartoonists about power and oppression, featuring many of the autocrats that are in power in the world today. The exhibition will be on display between June 1 and August 30, with an official opening on June 8.

Cartoon exhibition at The Hague City Hall

If you are in The Hague in the coming weeks, go check out our cartoon exhibition Just Speak! From May 3 until May 20 the exhibition can be seen in the Atrium of the City Hall.

FR5lWMXXIAETXxh Afghan cartoonist Hossein Rezaei spoke at the opening of the exhibition on World Press Freedom Day.

Justice for all can only be reached if we have the freedom to express ourselves in fair and peaceful communities that leave no one behind. A focus on justice is necessary in solving all conflicts. Images have the power to carry a message in a clever, funny and informing way, which is exactly what this exposition is about. Ideas about peace and justice from the youngest generation turned into professional cartoons, created by human rights cartoonists from around the world.

IMG-20220504-WA0004 Tjeerd Royaards and Lucinda Miedema from Cartoon Movement and The Next Movement.

Visit the exhibition to see the voice of youth across the world. This exhibition presents an overview of various education projects we have done through the years. By means of a competition, students at schools all over the world were asked about their ideas on how to achieve justice in a conflict in their part of the world. What are their thoughts on how to prevent or peacefully resolve this issue? Using their creativity to shape these ideas in the form of a cartoon, their drawings were shared with the professional cartoonist network from The Cartoon Movement. They chose the best, most inspiring ideas and turned them into editorial cartoons.

Justspeak One of the cartoons at the exhibition (and the sketch it is based on).

Exhibition Just speak!

1651235765929Cartoon by Ahmed Falah

We have launched a new educational project. Just speak! challenges youth across the globe to draw about the problems that face us all. Professional cartoonists turn the best ideas into editorial cartoons.

To launch the project, we have put together a cartoon exhibition that will be on display at The Hague City Hall, featuring a selection of drawings by students that were turned into cartoons in previous projects.

If you’re in the Netherlands, join us for the opening on May 3rd (World Press Freedom Day) at 5pm in the atrium of The Hague City Hall. Afghan cartoonist Hossein Rezaei, who escaped Kabul in 2020 with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a drawing tablet, will speak about the importance of cartoons and freedom of expression. Download the invitation here.