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New cartoonist: William Brown

The 10 best cartoons of 2023

It has become a Cartoon Movement tradition to share the 10 'best' cartoons each year. It's an arbitrary term, as few things are as subjective as political cartoons, but we've made a selection based on what was popular with our audience and what subjects best represent the news of 2023. So here goes:


1. Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, by Hamzeh Hajjaj

1 Hamze Hajjaj

This cartoon captures the devastating impact of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in the beginning of the year.


2. Bothersome poverty by Rucke Souza


2023 was yet another year of growing inequality; the super-rich continue to accumulate more of the world's wealth, at the expense of the poor.


3. Mug shots by Glen Le Lievre

3 Mug shots by Glen Le Lievre

Trump remains a constant in cartooning, and although Lady Justice is trying to lock him up, we fear we haven't seen the last of him...


4. Ideologies by Halit Kurtulmus Aytoslu


The most popular ideology of 2023 was populism with a generous splash of racism and xenophobia.


5. Titan versus migrants by Mo Qasem

5. Titan versus migrants by Mo Qasem

Remember the submarine with some rich people that went missing on their way to visit the Titanic? The global rescue attempt stood in stark contrast to our (mostly non-existent) attempts to rescue migrant boats.


6. Jenin by Osama Hajjaj


Before the attack on Gaza, Israel already launched a bloody military operation in Jenin this summer.


7. Putin’s chef by Tupou Ceruzou

7. Putin’s chef by Tupou Ceruzou

Putin's revenge on Prigozhin: a dish served cold?


8. Biden visits Israel by Thiago Lucas


Gaza was probably to most cartooned subject of the year. It's difficult to just pick one cartoon from so many powerful image, but this one captures the essence of international politics and the blatant disregard for the massive loss of innocent lives.


9. Black Friday by Anne Derenne

9 Black Friday by Anne Derenne

Consumerism captured in a cartoon.


10. Happy new year? by Marian Kamensky

10 Happy new year  by Marian Kamensky

So what do we have to look forward to? Well, more of the same...


See you next year!


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tarsi windey

wonderful cartoons of a painful year.
Thank you so much
Tarsi Windey

Tom Curry

As a former member of cartoon movement, I still keep up with the great cartoons. The 10 best are so strong and nailed it. Living in the US we're still saddled with a wannabe dictator who won't go away and the Glen Le Lievre cartoon really hit home.

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