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New cartoonist: Zehra Ömeroğlu


Zehra Ömeroğlu is a cartoonist from Turkey. She draws in Leman, Gececi, Mağara, Tarama Ucu, Ot, Mis and on TV channel France 24 and many other comic magazines. She generally deals with the absurdity of the so-called seriousness of everyday life, women’s stories, taboos, human psychology and our inner conflicts. She has three books published in 2015, 2022 and 2023.

Upcoming review: Gaomon PD2200


The next product we will review is the Gaomon PD2200, a 21.5 inch pen display. At less than half the cost of a comparable 22 inch Wacom Cintiq, it's certainly worth exploring if this is a good alternative for cartoonists on a budget who do enjoy a big screen to work on. Stay tuned for the full review, which will go up in December. In the meantime, here are our other reviews of digital cartoonist gear and cartoon-related books.

New cartoonist: Daniel Boris


We are happy to welcome American cartoonist Daniel Boris. Daniel has worked as a professional graphic designer for most of his life. He is an avid cartoonist and was a top 5 finalist in The Washington Post’s 2010 America’s Next Great Cartoonist​ contest. Daniel's artwork has appeared in numerous publications and books.