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REDD+ on the ground: Perspectives on carbon forestry from Cross River

For the University of British Columbia, we have produced a comic about carbon offset schemes in Nigeria and how forest conservation schemes impact the local communities that have been living in these forests for centuries. In theory these programs are about environmental protection and providing an income to communities for protecting the forest; the reality is one of empty promises and oppression.

You can read the comic below, or download the PDF.



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European Cartoon Award 2023 - shortlist



The European Cartoon Award has announced a shortlist of 16 cartoons that are in there running to be crowned the best cartoon to be published in European media in the past year with the accompanying prize money of 10,000 euro! Scroll down to see the 16 cartoons.

The works of the 16 finalists were selected from over 400 entries coming from more than 25 countries, European and beyond, by a Jury composed of award-winning cartoonists, journalists, and experts. The shortlist includes several contributors to Cartoon Movement and we are especially proud the list includes two cartoons that were published on Cartoon Movement.

Niels Bo Bojesen, Danish cartoonist and Chair of the Panel of Judges:

During the lengthy process of selection, it has been rewarding to witness the variety and mastery of the many submissions, ranging from sheer poetry to stark and striking statements - and anything in between. As always it is difficult - and sometimes painful - to have to choose from an even field, but recognising the shared capacity of the members of the Jury, I am confident we have been able to help shine a light on the high level of current European editorial cartooning.

The 16 nominees are Angel Boligán (Mexico), António Antunes (Portugal), Ben Jennings (United Kingdom), Cláudio Antônio Gomes (Brazil), Cristina Sampaio (Portugal), Emad Hajjaj (Jordan), Harry Burton (Ireland), Marco De Angelis (Italy), Marilena Nardi (Italy), Mihai Gabriel Boboc (Romania), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), Plop & KanKr (France), Raimundo Rucke Souza (Brazil), Sinisa Pismestrovic (Austria), Tjeerd Royaards (The Netherlands), Víctor Solís (Mexico).

The prize winners will be announced on September 14, during Cartoons Day in The Hague, The Netherlands.

ECA2023_Patrick Chappatte (Der Spiegel)

Patrick Chappatte (Der Spiegel)

ECA2023_Mihai Gabriel Boboc (

Mihai Gabriel Boboc ( Gabriel Boboc (

Marilena Nardi (Domani)


ECA2023_Mihai Gabriel Boboc (

Plop & KanKr (Le Monde)


ECA2023_António Antunes (Expresso)

António Antunes (Expresso)

ECA2023_António Antunes (Expresso)

Angel Boligán (Sciences Humaines)

ECA2023_António Antunes (Expresso)

Ben Jennings (The Economist)


ECA2023_Cláudio Antônio Gomes (MUNDIARIO)

Cláudio Antônio Gomes (MUNDIARIO)


ECA2023_Emad Hajjaj (Cartoon Movement)

Emad Hajjaj (Cartoon Movement)

ECA2023_Emad Hajjaj (Cartoon Movement)

Marco De Angelis (Buduàr)

ECA2023_Emad Hajjaj (Cartoon Movement)

Cristina Sampaio (Público)

ECA2023_Emad Hajjaj (Cartoon Movement)

Harry Burton (Irish Examiner)


ECA2023_Víctor Solís (EFEVerde)

Víctor Solís (EFEVerde)ECA2023_Víctor Solís (EFEVerde)

Raimundo Rucke Souza (Cartoon Movement)

ECA2023_Víctor Solís (EFEVerde)

Tjeerd Royaards (Trouw)

ECA2023_Víctor Solís (EFEVerde)

Sinisa Pismestrovic (Kleine Zeitung)