New cartoonist: Murteza Albayrak
New cartoonist: AGO

Winners of the Libex 2022 competition

Jitet Kustana (Indonesia) has won the 4th edition of the Libex competition, organized by Librexpression, a center for international cartoons and freedom of speech. Cristina Sampaio (Portugal) received second prize and Niels Bo Bojesen (Denmark) third prize. You can see the winning cartoons below.

The competition’s theme was Towards the end of humanity? Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and especially since its globalization, humanity has had to face multiple challenges. Inequality, violated rights, demography, migration, poverty, pandemics, wars, power struggles and national and international hegemonies, dictatorships, fanaticism, disinformation, ignorance, are all open issues that can produce global upheavals in a short time and change the course of human history. This state of affairs jeopardizes the survival, if not of humanity, at least of our societies and the cohesion of the European Union.


Jitet KUSTANA (Indonesia)-%22affondando nelle vittime%22First prize - Jitet Kustana


Cristina SAMPAIO (Portogallo)-%22Guerra%22Second prize - Cristina Sampaio


Niels BO BOJESEN (Danimarca)-%22Estinzione%22Third prize - Niels Bo Bojesen

281 cartoonists from 63 countries submitted 490 works to the jury. The jury was composed of Fabio Magnasciutti (Italian cartoonist), Marilena Nardi (Italian cartoonist), Tom Janssen (Dutch cartoonist), KAP (Jaume Capdevilla, Catalan cartoonist), Raffaella Spinazzi (Italian blogger) and chaired by Thierry Vissol (director of Libex). On the basis of four criteria: technique, originality, relevance and irony, the jury selected 55 works by artists from 30 countries, the 10 finalists and the 3 winners.

The exhibition of the 55 semi-finalist cartoons will be open to the public until 31 December, in the cloister of the San Benedetto monastery in Conversano, Italy.


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