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Thiago Lucas launches 'Itinerant Cartoon'

We are supporting a new project by Brazilian cartoonist and CM member Thiago Lucas. The aim of the Itinerant Cartoon is to show the importance of political cartoons through a series of exhibitions in public and private schools, colleges and universities.



The exhibition includes several cartoons that have a QR code, which shows the viewer an animated version of the cartoon:

Charge Itinerante_Promessa dos políticos_Por Thiago Lucas

Charge Itinerante_Desigualdade Social_Por Thiago Lucas

Charge Itinerante_Mulher_Por Thiago Lucas

Summer break

Summer-in-EuropeCartoon by Thiago Lucas

Cartoon Movement is on summer break in August. That means we’ll not be publishing any editor’s choices and we’ll be less active on our social media channels. We’ll be back on August 30th with cartoons, comics and new projects!