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Editorial: our position on anti-vax cartoons

Cartoons reflect the public debate; an international community of cartoonists will therefore frequently reflect the different perspectives that are present in the global public debate, including the more extreme ones. In some cases, we will try to present and publish these varying perspectives. In other cases, we will make the editorial choice to focus on one perspective, ignoring others.

On such example is the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar in 2017. While the overwhelming majority of our cartoonists chose to call out the atrocities committed by the Myanmar army, our contingent of cartoonists from Myanmar defended their government and army, stating that the accusations of genocide were fake news. In light of the evidence, we chose not to highlight these perspectives. That doesn’t mean these cartoons are censored; it simply means we will not publish them on our homepage or post them on our social media channels.


Fake__aung_thein_htike__athCartoon by Aung Thein Htike ATH from 2017, with the perspective that the suffering of the Royangya was fake news.

We have made the same editorial decision for cartoons that speak out against vaccination. In light of the evidence about the effectiveness of the vaccination, we will not publish cartoons that ignore this evidence and feed into the various conspiracy theories out there about the supposedly nefarious intentions of researchers and governments alike. We do show a couple of them here, to illustrate our decision. If you want to see how most cartoonists think about the vaccine and the anti-vax movement, check our collections here and here.


Vaccinescreamvaccine_pete_kreiner Cartoon by Pete Kreiner


FauciA portrait of Anthony Fauci, by Elchicotriste

With all editorial decisions, there will be grey areas. Not publishing anti-vax cartoons is a clear-cut decision, but what about cartoons about the position and rights of the unvaccinated in society? For instance, Swaha takes a more nuanced approach with her cartoon questioning the French Covid passport as a way to return to a free society.

A citizen in a free society is only free to the extent that his or her freedom doesn't harm the freedom of others; the problem with unvaccinated is that they consciously make a decision that is potentially harmful for the rest of society. On the other hand, one could argue that no state should have the power to coerce people to inject something into their body, and that granting privileges to one group over the other is coercion of a sort.


CM_21Cartoon by Swaha

We will not change our editorial stance on the anti-vax movement (barring new scientific evidence), but we will closely be looking at the way societies and governments deal with the unvaccinated, and the cartoons that are made about this.

Tjeerd Royaards
Cartoon Movement editor


P.S. This editorial has been edited slightly on August 9 after receiving feedback from SWAHA, to better reflect the intention of her cartoon.


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Z. B. Stiling

What 'evidence about the effectiveness of vaccination' is this? We need to see something more compelling than the classic 'just look at how the numbers of deaths and hospital admissions have plummeted'. Post hoc te proct, dear boy, as Derek and Clive once said. If you recall, deaths and hospital admissions were extremely low last summer, too, when there was no vaccine. Could it possibly be that waves are caused by new variants which then subside after a degree of natural immunity has been obtained? I don't know, and I suspect neither do you. As ignorant laymen, these are distinct possibilities to which we must be receptive, at the very least.

And evidence for their effectiveness may be one thing, even if it is openly acknowledged that one can still catch, transmit and even die from Covid-19 after vaccination. What about evidence that they do harm? Because evidence - not proof, but evidence - certainly exists. I should think the obvious examples are the unfortunate individuals, many of them young (unlike the average Covid death), who have suffered blood clots or heart inflammation shortly after receiving the vaccine, sometimes with fatal consequences.

The problem we have is that governments, along with the media, are so maniacal about getting everyone vaccinated that they are failing to disclose the possible risks. This is, at best, irresponsible. When governments start to wilfully hide the risks, and then use methods of force or coercion to get people to take the vaccine, that is where the blood of people who die as a result of taking the vaccine is on their hands.

May we establish a few facts?
- There is evidence of serious adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines
- Clinical trials are not due to finish until 2023. Ordinarily, no vaccine would be offered to the public until clinical trials had established its safety beyond reasonable doubt
- We do not have any long-term data for these vaccines, and have no way of knowing what the long-term effects may be, which is why it is somewhat reckless to insist on vaccinating children and pregnant women, who are themselves at very low risk of falling seriously ill with Covid-19.

With respect, I think your stance on this subject is erroneous. The vaccines, as with everything, should be subjected to intense scrutiny and some cartoonists are doing valiant work in highlighting matters about which it is the responsibility of politicians and journalists to discuss. The vaccine debate is far from being clear-cut, and I think the Cartoon Movement has a responsibility to understand that some vaccine scepticism is valid and not the preserve of conspiracy theorists and extremists. I hope you will reconsider your position and ask yourself, if a previously healthy 20-year-old dies because they have suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccine which they have been pressured into taking and deceived into thinking was completely risk-free, who is responsible for their death?


Establishment cowards.

Miguel Villalba Sanchez

Hi folks! I'm a proud member of this community since its origins more than a decade ago. I just read this post and I think is a prudent and respectful position on ARN genetic therapy (there's not a vaccine so far for the so called sars-cov 2 with a rate of lethality of 0,05%, therefore there cannot be antivaxes either). However I see the date of redaction was almost half a year ago and it might be interesting to reconsider some aspects of your position due to official evidences of the inefficiency of the ARN genetic therapy proven useless to immunise or even reduce probabilities of infection or severe cases (those lasts always related with particular factors as age and previous pathologies rather than danger represented by corona (I repeat, 0,05% under 65, 0,2% over 65, not a big deal compared to the extreme harm caused to the global economy and constitutional/human rights violation).
The index of efficiency since the beginning of the inoculation campaign has fallen (and so recognised by pharmaceutical firmas) from its original claimed 95% to the 0,08%. They promised herd immunity with a 70% of vaccinated people, then 80%, then 90%, then they started to criminalize non inoculated people as guilty of the situation in a pretty unreal, grotesque and illogical middle age superstition mentality, with a shameful campaign of bullying, aggression and suppression of basic human rights as data privacy and freedom of movement through the useless and fraudulent covid passport which represents an unacceptable abuse for any country with a basic notion of respect to laws in effect. In addition it is official too several fraudulent praxis during the so called pandemic, based on dysfunctional PCR test already dismissed by the very CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) for not being capable to distinguish between regular flu, covid, or even wine coke or tap water. We see then that the whole basics of this pandemic definition collapses instantly due to this fact that evidences the false statistics regarding diagnosis and deaths WITH covid (not OF covid). Besides it is also official the corrupted praxis being performed in hospitals and health centers in which it's been evidence the assumption of fraudulent economical bonus by each covid diagnose, true or fake, pointed to deliberately inflate the covid incidence, bombarding daily through general and official media to the audience with alarmist and false/incorrect headlines creating a mass psicosis which didn't correspond with the reality of facts, as the very creator of the technology of this genetic therapy, doctor Robert Malone, has warned, regarding the real intentions of corrupted institutions such as FDA or OMS, or the insane campaign of children vaccination (risk of lethality in children under 12 is 0,0003%, 188 more risky is to submit children to this genetic therapy proven with fatal side effects such as miocarditis, pericaditis and sudden death as we sadly are getting used to verify day by day.
VAERS and EMA are up tu 15 December displaying more than 1 million reports of dangerous side effects, many of them lethal (only in USA up to December 20.622 deaths related to the genetic therapy). Considering that it is enough to verify 25 deceases to retire a drug of the market, this "vaccine" should already be eliminated of circulation months ago according to legal praxis, as in Japan where has been recently considered toxic and potentially death risky, not to forget that this drug doesn't even have an approved sanitary licence, only a commercial one, not even officially approved by FDA (Food and drug administration). Not to forget that organisms as VAERS (USA) or EMA(Europe) only collect around a 1% of existent reports on side effects do the math!!!
I'll skip further consideration on irregularities committed on the contract conditions between governments or high institutional structures with Pfizer and other bigpharma firmas (remember for example Ursula Von der Leyen interest conflict regarding his own husband in charge to sign this contract for the adquisition of "vaccines" for the European commission through his own genetic therapy enterprise "orgenesis". That would extend profusely this comment.
Finally many authorities and studies support the inefficiency of the genetic therapy, such as medicine nobel prize Luc Montagnier who pointed on the responsability of these failed "vaccines" regarding the creation of new variations through the debilitation and adaption of inmunity system , or Oxford university studies published on on e of the most prestigious science magazines in the world such as "The Lancet", claiming that "vaccinated" people present 251 higher rate of viral charge than "non vaccinated" people. Those professionals and structures not being suspicious of radical "anti-vax" activity.
To finish I'd like to link you to some documents and official news which the information provided. Please feel free to write to [email protected] if you wish to get further information on statistics and statements mentioned.
Yours: Elchicotriste
-CDC director reveals false statistics regarding covid effect on 2020-2021 claimed deaths (I)
-CDC director reveals false statistics regarding covid effect on 2020-2021 claimed deaths (II)
-Frontline doctors on the bonus protocole to each covid diagnose signed in hospital and health structures:
-On world economic forum and the attempt to impose the chinese social credit system through sanitary useless mesures of harassing and discrimination such as greenpass or covid passport:
-On covid passport as coercion and threat of suppression of rights if not submitted to inoculation rota and undefined adding of boosters even if efficiency has been proven failed:
-More than 45.000 deaths by genetic therapy inoculation so far only in USA:
-Increase of 40% of global death rate since the beginning of the inoculation campaign:
-Robert Malone, co-inventor of the technology of ARN "vaccines"on the government bonus to hospitalise under covid diagnose:
-Robert Malone, co-inventor of the technology of ARN "vaccines", on the social engineering behind false pandemic:
-Denying investigation on sudden death in sports after vaccination:
-Robert Malone on ivermectine suppression.
-Robert Malone on isntitutional media censorship regarding covid :
-On social credit system (2030 agenda)
-Stefan oelrich (BAYER) reveals at world health forum there's no vaccine but a genetic therapy which would have been refused by population if presented as what it is, an experimental drug in process:
-Correlation between genetic therapy , miocarditis and heart disease:
-Robert Malone on corruption of the FDA depending on Pharmaceutical multinationals:
-Fauci on previous testing on children vaccination:
-Robert Malone on the nonsense of children vaccination:
-Fauci on the failed inmunity of vaccines and the need of "infinite" booster rota:
-Robert Malone on mass psicosis created by manipulated media, and genetic therapy:
-Robert Malone on the sterile danger of children "vaccination":

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