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New cartoonist: Sanaz Bagheri


Sanaz Bagheri is an Iranian cartoonist living in the Netherlands. She is an independent cartoonist working in the social and political fields. She is concerned about the lack of justice and she uses her cartoons to protest human rights abuses, the violation of women's rights and the lack of freedom of expression in Iran.

Get feedback on your cartoons!

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On average, we get between 10 and 20 applications from aspiring cartoonists looking to join our network every week. The majority of them, we have to turn down, because they are not good enough (yet) to meet our publication standards.

Our policy is to reply to everyone; nothing is more frustrating than sending out applications and getting no response at all. However, the question we get most often in response to a rejection is if we can give some constructive feedback. We understand this, because good feedback is the best way to improve your style.

Unfortunately, giving full and constructive feedback to every applicant would probably be a day job. That’s why we have come up with a new concept. In Cartoonist 2 Cartoonist, CM editors Ema Del Rosso and Tjeerd Royaards will go on Instagram to give live feedback on selected cartoons. The feedback will be constructive and meant to help the cartoonist to develop their style further and make his or her work better.

If you would like feedback on your work, you can send in your cartoons to [email protected] and you might get selected.

And keep an eye on our website and social media for the date of the first edition, which will be soon!

Book: my Covid in comics


My Covid in comics is an Italian publication that brings together 137 artists from 30 countries to tell the story of the pandemic in cartoons and comics. Although the text is in Italian, the cartoons tell a clear story. Many of the contributors are artists whose work you can also see here on Cartoon Movement. The book goes on sale on March 29, and can be purchased via this link. Any proceedings of the sale of the book are used for development initiatives in Tunisia and Iraq. Here below we share some of the pages of the book to give you a preview: