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Our 10 favorite Trump cartoons

Depending on the outcome of the US elections tomorrow, we may need to say goodbye to a president whose words, actions and appearance have inspired countless cartoons in the past four years. Never has a US president been more suited to satire. And for that, if for nothing else, we cartoonists will miss him.

So, in case the Don will lose the election (and actually accept his defeat instead of launching a civil war), we’d like to send him off with a top 10 of some of our favorite Trump cartoons published on Cartoon Movement through the years!

Even before he was elected, cartoonists warned that this might be an explosive presidency, drawing on lessons from history. This one from 2016 by Dom Nelson is our favorite (it made it into the top 10 cartoons for 2016 as well):

1611-160615 Trump (Nelson)_small


And after his election, this cartoon by Sherif Arafa shows what what everyone expected:

1731-170118 Trump (Arafa)_small


It was immediately clear that this would be a president who would be very active on social media. Ramses Morales Izquierdo had this to say on the special relationship between Trump, Twitter and the world:

1726-170109 Trump (Izquierdo)_small


In the early days of the presidency, it looked like Steve Bannon was running the show. Cartoon by Pedro X. Molina:

1740-170203 Trump (Molina)_small


The world will probably always remember Trump's (failed) bromance with Kim Jong-un. Before the love affair in 2018, Trump and Kim were decidedly less friendly with each other in 2017. Tjeerd Royaards' cartoon summarizes the relationship with a nod to 2001: A Space Oddyssey.



And does anyone remember Trumps infamous remark about 'shithole countries'? The comment inspired Brazilian cartoonist Rice Araujo to make what we think is probably the best caricature of Donald Trump:

1934-180112 Trump (Aujuro)_small


Through the years, Trump has been accused many times of being racist, and of supporting right-wing radical groups. Trump himself has always maintained to be 'the least racist person ever'. This cartoon by Marian Kamensky was one of the most popular on this subject; it was censored by Facebook:



This year, it was the pandemic that defined Trump's presidency. With over 230,000 people dead, Khalid Cherradi shows how Trump would try to fit this into his narrative of making America great again:

2410-200414 Coronavirus (Cherradi)_small


Making things seem better then they are can be said to be one of the main traits of the Trump presidency, like presenting disinfectant as a possible cure for covid-19. Cartoon by Emad Hajjaj:



In Portuguese cartoonist Vasco Gargalo's view, America has been trapped for the last for years. Will she break free tomorrow?