Coronavirus pandemic heralds renewed threat to cartoonists
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Bolsonaro in 10 cartoons

This week, Bolsonaro’s Justice Ministry asked the Federal Police and prosecutors to investigate cartoonist Renato Aroeira, because of a cartoon depicting Bolsonaro using a paintbrush to transform a red cross into a swastika.

Cartoonists in Brazil and other countries have made cartoons in solidarity with Aroeira. To show our solidarity, we have collected 10 of our favorite Bolsonaro cartoons here, showing his lack of regard for environment, his misguided approach to the coronavirus and his general incompetence.


Carmelo Kalashnikov - Italy


After the rainforest, Bolsonaro is now cutting down pencils, it seems.


Antonio Rodriguez - Mexico


Cartoonists are often a target of authoritarian leaders...


Rice Araujo - Brazil


...because they expose their shortcomings in one visual. In the case of Bolsonaro, he has been trying very hard to hide the true death toll of the coronavirus in Brazil.


Amorim - Brazil


Although he might just be trying to set a world record.


Anne Derenne - Spain


Of course, would-be dictators do not like to be compared...


Luc Descheemaeker - Belgium

Far_right_populism_rises_in_brazil2019s_presidential_elect__luc_descheemaeker other famous examples from history...


Olivier Ploux - France


...or other...


Rice Araujo - Brazil


...pop culture references.


Faditoon - Norway


Also, they don't like it when their mental capacity is questioned.


Vilma Vargas - Venezuela


Vilma Vargas summaries the Bolsonaro presidency as 'darkness and regression', in stead of the 'order and progress' featured on the Brazilian flag.


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