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Animating Historical Political Cartoons

We are developing a workshop for young visual artists creating GIF animations using Dutch political cartoons from the late 19th and early 20th century, giving them new relevance.

The project is hosted by the The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which features an extensive archive of Dutch political cartoons.

The GIF here is based on a cartoon from 1915 by famous Dutch cartoonist Albert Hahn about the sinking of the Lusitania in the First World War .

The workshop, hosted by CM editor Tjeerd Royaards, will be on May 11, and will be in Dutch (will post a Dutch promo later). So if you're a Dutch visual artist and you're interested in discovering historical cartoons and learning what you can with them (they're all in the public domain), you can sign up here.

After the workshop, we'll publish some of the best animations on Cartoon Movement.

New Cartoonists

We are delighted to welcome three new cartoonists to Cartoon Movement, hailing from the US, Algeria and Iran.


Tom Curry - United States


Tom Curry is an editorial cartoonist from Texas. He works for The Big Bend Gazette and The Week magazine (New York).


L’Andalou - Algeria


L’Andalou is an Algerian cartoonist. He studied graphic arts at the Beaux-Arts higher school of Algiers before starting comics and illustrations. In 2011, during the Arab Spring, L'Andalou started to draw as a press cartoonist.

Saman Torabi - Iran


Saman Torabi is an award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer from Iran. He also teaches art at the university.