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The Art of Resistance: High School Competition

The Art of Resistance: Official Selection


With a total 1781 submissions from 76 countries we think our first international cartoon competition was a huge success! Out of all these submissions we made a shortlist of 200 cartoons; on March 5, this shortlist was presented to a professional jury, tasked with the difficult job to select the cartoons that will be featured in the upcoming exhibition ‘The Art of Resistance’ and to determine the winners.

The jury consisted of Hajo, a well-known Dutch cartoonist, Saskia van Loenen, chairperson of Pers & Prent (a foundation promoting political cartoons and organizer of the yearly Dutch cartoon award Inktspotprijs) and Michiel van Hattem, president of vfonds, a Dutch NGO with a focus on peace.

Together, they selected 57 cartoons, including 9 honorable mentions and 3 winners. The honorable mentions and winners will be announced on May 5th at the Freedom Festival in Flushing, the Netherlands. For now, we present the official selection of cartoonists, in no particular order:

Amorim - Brazil

Emad Hajjaj - Jordan

Aidarbek Gazizov - Kazakhstan

Katarzyna Kuzior - Poland

Aleksei Kivokurtsev - Russia

Khaled Al Jaberi - United Arab Emirates

Manuel Arriaga - Spain

Konstantin Kazanchev - Ukraine

Liu Qiang - China 

Agim Sulaj - Italy 

Mahmoud Salameh - Australia

Aleksandr Kovtun - Ukraine

Andrea Pecchia - Italy

Manny Avetisyan - United States

Bruce McKinnon - Canada

Falco - Cuba

Daryl Cagle - United States

Mohsen Asadi - Iran

Marilena Nardi - Italy

Arash Shayesteh - Iran

Grzegorz Szumowski - Poland

Hilal Özcan - Turkey

Denny Fisher - Brazil

BIZ - France

Alexander Dubovsky - Ukraine

Hicabi Demirci - Turkey

Assunta Toti Buratti - Italy

Vjekoslav Bojat - Montenegro

Umpo - Thailand

Yusef Alimohammadi - Iran

Dejan Borkovic - Serbia

Angel Boligan - Mexico

Ivailo Tsvetkov- Bulgaria

Mello - Brazil

Schlorian - Switzerland

Sylvain Pongi - France

Paco - Italy

Sergii Riabokon - Ukraine

Menekse Cam - Turkey

Shahram Rezaei - Iran

Mahmood Nazari - Iran

Willem Rasing - The Netherlands

Vladimír Pavlík - Slovakia

Patrick Grillot - France

José Antonio Rodríguez García - Mexico

Simona Vilchez - Peru

Jorge Mateus - Portugal

Rice Araujo - Brazil

Saeed Sadeghi - Iran

Oguz Demir - Turkey

Joanna Kołodzińska - Poland

Mary Zins - United States

Pete Kreiner - Australia

Nouri Najafi - Iran

MORO - Cuba

Osama Hajjaj - Jordan

Carlos David Fuentes - Cuba


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Arun Inamdar

Superb collecton...wonder if I can still contribute?

Cartoon Movement

Unfortunately, the deadline for this competition has passed. We hope to run another competition next year!

Ravindrasingh A Patil

Congratulations for the great job done. Wish you all every success in future too. I contributed, but not seen here. But no regrets, no dissent.



Eder Santos

Will be announced the list of 200 works?

Cartoon Movement

Yes, we can do that. We're actually in the process of putting together a second exhibition out of the cartoons from the shortlist that did not make the jury selection. Once we have more info on that exhibition we'll share that selection, and the entire shortlist of the 200 cartoons as well.

Osmar Gomes da Silva colaborater of  Brasil

Thanks do Catoon Movement

Congratulations to all the winners.

Here in Brasil, my country, we need The Art of Resistence too much.

Thanks a lot.



Thank you for holding the AOR competition!
Looking forward for the May 5th 2018 unveiling of the power of the pencil/pen/stylus/stick-drawing-in-the-sand !

Please try and hold warm up competitions throughout the year- keeps us active!

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