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New Cartoonist: Bern Fabro

10 Cartoons for World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is held every year on 19 August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to rally support for people affected by crises around the world. At Cartoon Movement we’ve made quite a few cartoons on the subject, and have undertaken numerous projects with NGOs in this field. Check out our collection on development aid, our collaboration with the Sphere Project to illustrate the Humanitarian Charter or our partnership with Cordaid, producing cartoons and a comic about the history of development aid.

Collected here are some cartoons that we think are excellent, but have to date not been published or included in any project.


1. When Elephants Fight...


This year's WHD campaign is #NotaTarget, focusing on the millions of civilians that are trapped in wars that are not of their making. Egyptian cartoonist Rasha Mahdi illustrates the old African proverb 'when elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers'.


2. Humanitarian Intervention


While there is no doubt there are many organizations and aid worker out there that do great work, it is also true that the term 'humanitarian intervention' has been misused by states to justify military action a the expense of civilians. Cartoon by Ares from Cuba.


3. Humanitarian Corridor


Another illustration, this one by US cartoonist RednBlackSalamander, about the dire situation of people caught in the middle of war.


4. Excuse Me?


Not only the military can be an obstacle for humanitarian workers, the media can be a problem as well. cartoon by KAP from Spain.


5. Coming to the Rescue, Slowly


Whether the problems are logistical or political, aid is often slow to arrive. Cartoon by Nicaraguan artist Pedro X. Molina.


6. Insufficient Funds


When money does finally arrive, it's rarely enough. Cartoon by Hassan Bleibel from Libanon.


7. So Help You God


Most if not all religions state we should help our fellow man., but what help do they offer? Cartoon by Cuban cartoonist Ricardo Bermúdez.


8. Aid in the Wake of War


Aid and war are intrinsically linked. Cartoon by Cecigian from Italy.


9. A Big Difference


An apt visual summary of what development assistance should achieve, by Dutch cartoonist Jean Gouders.


10. Help


Not reality, but perhaps how it should be, this cartoon by Marco De Angelis.


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