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10 of Our Best (Unpublished) Refugee Cartoons

Our collection Migration & Refuge currently contains 62 cartoons, which is the number of cartoons we have published about this subject since our inception in 2010. But our cartoonists have sent in many, many more cartoons on this subject over the years. A modest estimate suggests about 600 cartoons in our database deal with the subject of refugees. For World Refugee Day, we’ve picked 10 great cartoons that haven’t been published on our homepage, but deserve to be seen nonetheless.


 1. A Fine Line


Current politics (in the US and Europe) tend to focus on anti-immigration policies. Refugees can become a victim of these policies as well. We should take care with how we treat people fleeing from war, Ant reminds us.


 2. Locked Doors


The journey of a refugee is hard, and more often then not the destination is full of locked doors. An image by renowned Brazilian cartoonist Cau Gomez.


 3. There & Here


How do we treat refugees after their arrival? Do we offer them a future in safety, or do we leave them on the streets? A question posed by Osama Hajjaj with this cartoon.


 4. Borders


Borders divide humanity, making us all less human, says Cuban artist Osvaldo Gomez.


 5. Passport Identity


And in a world of borders, passports create are identity; they determine where we can and cannot go If you are lucky, a passport allows you to travel the world, but if you have the misfortune to be born in a less prosperous or peaceful country, your passport becomes a burden. Cartoon by Rodrigo de Matos.


 6. Unraveling


When we talk about refugees, we often focus on where they are going, the perils of their journey, and how they will be treated at their destination. We tend to forget how difficult it must be to leave everything behind, to know you might never see home again. Cartoon by Rafat Alkhateeb.


 7. Ceci N’est Pas une Europe


The simplest of images can have the most power. This is not Europe, says Italian cartoonist Giuseppe La Micela.


 8. European Anthem 


The anthem of Europe says all people become brothers, but our migration policies say something different, according to Tjeerd Royaards.


 9. Search for Peace


Like the vast majority of people, refugees are simply looking for peace. Image by Christina Bernazzani.


 10. I Call Them Superheroes


But unlike most of us, refugees and migrants alike leave all behind and often risk life and limb in the quest for peace, prosperity and happiness. In the eyes of Luca Garonzi, that makes them superheroes. 


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