New Cartoonist: Stellina Chen
New Cartoonist: Mecho

Earth Day in 10 Cartoons

April 22 is Earth Day. To mark the occasion, we have selected 10 of our favorite cartoons reminding us how fragile our planet is.


 1. Memories


Sweet memories of better times. Cartoon by Osvaldo Gomez.


 2. Diaper Change


Time for a change? Cartoon by Tomas.


 3. Reforestation?


Or maybe some medication? Cartoon by Gatis Sluka.


 4. Plundering the Earth


The SvitalskyBros remind us we use the earth like there's no tomorrow.


5. The Earth


And the way earth's resources are won and distributed isn't exactly fair, says Mohamed Sabra.


6. Downhill


It's all downhill from here. Cartoon by Payam Boromand.


 7. Autumn


The tree of life, shedding leaves. Cartoon by Ramses Izquierdo.


8. Hourglass


Antother visual how time might be running out, this one by Fabio Magnasciutti.


9. Eternal Struggle


Earth in the middle of the continuing struggle between good and evil, war and peace. Cartoon by Elchicotriste.


10. Cheers!


So cheers! Hopefully we'll be around next year to celebrate another earth day. Cartoon by Emanuele del Rosso.


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Muhammed N Baterdouk

Those cartoons speak volumes.
Amazing creative work.
Thank you!


Really masterly. Thank you.


People should protect earth

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