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10 Cartoons for World Water Day

Without water, there is no life. Some see access to clean drinking water as a fundamental human right, a right disputed by companies that sell bottled water and see water as a scarce resource and therefore profitable. An undisputed fact is that fresh water is getting scarcer, and many future conflicts will be fought over access to water. For World Water Day, we've collected 10 of our favorite water cartoons. For more cartoons about water, visit our cartoon collection.


1. African Children


Stunning artwork by renowned artist Agim Sulaj, contrasting a child's need of water with the greed of bottled water manufacturers.


2. Water for All


The United Nations has for decades been committed to ensuring access to water for all. Have their promises turned into reality, as this cartoon by Giacomo Cardelli suggests?


3. Water Supply


Or is this cartoon by Belgian cartoonist Luc Vernimmen closer to reality?


4. Dry Africa


Although Africa isn't the driest continent (surprisingly, that's Antarctica, followed by Australia in second place), it is the continent where problems caused by drought are most severe. Cartoon by Tomas.


5. Uneven Distribution

Water equals wealth; this cartoon by Martirena from Cuba shows the unequal distribution of water.


6. Spot the Difference


Some children have to walk great distances each day to get fresh water, time that would be better spent in school. Cartoon by Jean Gouders.


7. Water Wars


Water will be a major source of conflict in the 21st century. Cartoon by Vasco Gargalo.


8. Water is Life


Water is life, and fuels our intelligence and creativity. A beautiful image by Fabio Magnasciutti from Italy.


9. Drought


Another image that is more art than cartoon, made by Colombian graphic artist Orlando Cuellar.


10. Thirsty Earth


Water may be life, but hope is life as well. A cartoon by Elchicotriste.


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Water is life. Whether expressed by illustration or by actual action. I like the African cartoon on water. Meaning water is serious resource in Africa and should be treated as serious matter that fuels peoples body and used for agriculture as well as for drinking. Water should be utilized well and "every drop counts"

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