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10 Cartoons for International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Over the years, our cartoonists have drawn many, many cartoons about women. To mark this special day, we’ve selected 10 of our all-time favorite cartoons on the subject:


1. Equal Opportunities


Many women still face a more difficult path in life than their male counterparts. Cartoon by Rodrigo de Matos.


2. My Soul Will Never Be Defeated


Doaal Eladl is one of the most successful female cartoonists in Egypt; this wonderful image expresses strength in the face of adversity.


3. Shadow of Oppression


Cuban artist Falco excels in images that are immensely powerful in their simplicity. This one is no different.


4. Sexual (R)evolution


Another very clever and thought-provoking visual, made by Lebanese artist SWAHA.


5. Clash of Values


One of our more popular cartoons of last year, this cartoon by Khalid Cherradi aptly shows how men think they can decide how women should dress.


6. Interfaith Dialogue


Religion (also dominated by men) also plays a role in determining how women should live their life. A cartoon by Giacomo Cardelli from Italy.


7. Stockholm Syndrome


Stockholm Syndrome can prevent a victim from leaving an abusive relationship. A striking cartoon by Ramses Morales Izquierdo.


8. Aphrodite


Aphrodite's self-liberation, a beautiful image by Vasco Gargalo.


9. I Will Fly


Amidst all the cartoons addressing wrongs that need to be set right, Elena Ospina offers an image of hope.


10. Equality


A simple message, but a powerful truth. A cartoon by Omar Al Abdallat.


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Rose Scarlet

I wish that articles like this one would talk more about the great strides that women have made over the past decades. One would think that we have accomplished nothing. When was the last time you heard someone described as "The first woman to..."? I'll wager that it has been a while.

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