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Good News Week

HeidariThe first cartoon Hadi Heidari made after his realse from prison.

It’s been a week of good news (for a change) in the world of cartooning.

On Monday we received news that jailed Iranian artist Atena Farghadani will be released in May. Atena was sentenced to 12 years in prison last year for a cartoon that depicted Iranian members of Parliament with the heads of animals. Her sentence was reduced to 18 months, the majority of which she has already served. We supported the campaign to free Atena with cartoons and by signing the letter that called for her release.

AtenaThe cartoon that got Atena in trouble.

On Tuesday, Hadi Heidari, another Iranian cartoonist, was released. Had Heidari was arrested in November 2015 to serve a suspended sentence for a cartoon from 2012 that supposedly insulted Iran-Iraq War veterans.

Let's hope the good news continues!

Comic Preview: Seeking Justice in South Sudan

This Wednesday, we publish the third comic in our series on South Sudan, produced in cooperation with the Justice and Security Research Programm (London School of Economics) and the World Peace Foundation (Tufts University).

The first comic, South Sudan: Who Got What, explains how South Sudan was bankrupt and at war within just three years after independence. South Sudan: The Price of War, The Price of Peace, the second comic, focuses on the effort to bring peace to South Sudan, and how the peace talks are used by the country's elite to enrich themselves.

Seekin Justice in South Sudan, comic no. 3, is a case study of a neighborhood in Juba, South Sudan, that shows how ordinary citizens struggle to find justice. If institutions of law and order are weak, they can bend to the will of men with money and guns. As a preview, page 1 is shown here: