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New Cartoonist: Victor Borograd


Born in Leningrad in 1949, Russian cartoonist Victor Borograd has won 20 international awards during his long career. His work has appeared in many publications in and outside Russia. He is a regular jury member of international cartoon competitions and for the last four years has organized an international cartoon exhibition in St. Petersburg.

New Cartoonist: ANT


Anthony Garner (ANT) was born in Hereford, England and moved to Barcelona in 1993 where he has lived and worked ever since as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He has drawn caricatures for Punch, El País, El Periódico de Cataluña, The Progressive (USA) and now draws daily cartoons for the newspapers El Punt Avui, Ara, El Economista and on live TV programmes for the Catalan television channel TV3. He is a member of the Professional Association of Illustrators of Catalonia and also of United Sketches for Freedom. Check out his website to see more of his work.