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Crowdfunding a Comic - Meanwhile in Greece

How is Greece being affected by the ongoing financial crisis? Daily, we are confronted with news from Greece, through multiple media. On Facebook and Instagram, our friends flood our walls with holiday selfies from the Greek islands. But what does Greek society really look like after years of austerity? And how has the crisis affected the Greek people?


In the series Meanwhile in Greece, cartoonist Spiros Derveniotis (1969) gives us insight into the Greek situation from an altogether unique viewpoint: through a comics series situated in the streets of Athens. In a crossover between graphic storytelling and investigative journalism, the project will delve into a wide spectrum of issues to offer background and perspective. Resulting in a graphic narrative that will immerse the reader.

Born and raised in Athens,Greece, Derveniotis personally witnessed the detoriation of his country. Through his comics, he visualizes what the impact of years of political struggle, forced budget cuts, austerity, and political fiascoes has had on the country, her citizens, and (potentially) the European Union as a whole. For the journalistic cartoon series Meanwhile in Greece, Derveniotis will cooperate with Cartoon Movement, the online platform for journalistic cartooning.

The first episode focusses on the elections of 20 September 2015. How has the Greek political landscape changed after years of economic crisis? How have political opinions changed among the young and old; among the rich and poor; on the left and right wings?  What will the post-election political landscape look like? The players, the agendas, the politricks, all explored first hand and in real time.

This project will be fully financed by crowdfunding. Every contributor will receive an episode of the comic, once completed, by email. Intrigued? Curious about the rest of the story? Support the next episode too! Contributing, then, is basically like walking into a comicbook store to purchase the next episode of your favourite comic.

Perks of support:

- Every backer will receive the episode of the comic by email.
- When contributing €50 or more, your name will be mentioned in the cartoon (if you want).
- When contributing €100 or more, you will receive a personal online avatar;
- When contributing €250 or more, you will receive a hand drawn portrait sent to you by post.

Click here to support our campaign.


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