Comic: 'I Wished For My Child's Death'
New Cartoonist: Salman Taheri

New Cartoonist: Nanda Soobben


Nanda Soobben is an award-winning cartoonist from South Africa. He was the only cartoonist of colour during Apartheid. He lived in exile in Brazil and the United States and is the recipient of an Amnesty International Award for ‘speaking the truth through the power of cartoons’. We’re very pleased to add such an esteemed cartoonist to Cartoon Movement. The news of Nanda joining us even made it to a Durban newspaper: 



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D Wells

I would like to point out that Soobben has shown significant racism towards colored and black students/staff at his school.He has also gotten taken to Labor Department a couple of times because of his poor treatment of staff.

I wish a paper would do an exposure on his labor abuses and mistreatment of staff members rather than just blindly praise him.

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