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Cartooning from the Deep End

Documentary on Controversial Cartoonist Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish (Dwayne Booth) is an American cartoonist whose work can most regularly be seen on and His work truly pushes the envelope as he mixes fine art with political cartoons to create some of the most hard-hitting and visceral cartoons to be found in the US, and indeed the world.


Pablo Bryant decided to make a documentary on this remarkable artist and his work. The principal photography for the movie is done, and the team behind the documentary has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to edit the movie. Their pitch starts with:

You might not be right for this film. I'm going to be honest, this is a short documentary about an outspoken artist, with some very controversial and outrageous art, a lot of which could be offensive. So if you're easily offended read no further. Some people do not understand subversive, satirical humor or why it's important, but if you're still reading this, than I doubt your one of them.

That should be enough to at least convince you to watch the Indiegogo promo where director Pablo Bryant explains why this documentary is important:

And if you need further convincing, here's the trailer:

Now, head over to the campaign page to support this awesome project!

Sketch Freedom

The second edition of Sketch Freedom, an international cartoon expo, will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden in early 2015. Organized by exiled Iranian cartoonist and activist Kianoush Ramezani, the expo is an official event of the Gothenburg Film Festival, and brings together the work of many great cartoonists from all corners of the globe.


The 'Sketch Freedom' movement started in 2013 in Normandy, the same place that thousands of humans sacrificed their lives to end the Second World War and give freedom to the people of Europe. It’s a world movement for exiled cartoonists that is proudly hosted by Le Mémorial de Caen. The movement, founded by Kianoush Ramezani, premiered last year in Gothenburg.

The second Sketch Freedom Expo, officially sponsored by Le Mémorial de Caen, will show artworks that manifest the value of freedom of expression, by the world's top cartoonists. Their cartoons are published in the major world journals like the New Yorker, the Washington Post, Courrier International, the Moscow Times, El Universal, Le Droit, etc.

Participating cartoonists (inclusing more than a few CM members - click on their links to view their portfolio on our site) are:

    Adjim Danngar - Chad
    Angel Boligan - Mexico
    Ann Telnaes - USA
    Assad Binakhahi - Iran
    Ayako Saito - Japan
    Bernard Bouton - France
    Cristina Sampaio - Portugal
    Damien Glez - Burkina Faso
    Daryl Cagle - USA
    Elena Ospina - Colombia
    Eray Ozbek - Turkey
    Guy Badeaux - Canada
    Hassan Karimzadeh - Iran
    Jaume Capdevila - KAP - Spain
    Jim Morin - USA
    Kianoush Ramezani - Iran
    Liza Donnelly - USA
    Mohammad Saba'aneh - Palestine
    Peter Broelman - Australia
    Phil Umbdenstock - France
    Riber Hansson - Sweden
    Tjeerd Royaards - Netherlands
    Victor Bogorad - Russia
    Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
    Xavier Bonilla - BONIL - Ecuador
    Zulkiflee Anwar Haque - Zunar - Malaysia