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Not Convinced About Mixing Comics and Serious Journalism? Watch This!

Modern Times: New Graphic Journalism Magazine

ModernTimesThis summer (depending on a successful Kickstarter campaign), three students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London are launching Modern Times, a magazine full of graphic journalism.  Each issue will take on a different social theme; the first one will focus on housing. We talk to Katherine Hearst, one of the students behind this initiative.

Tell us more about your initiative. How did it come about?

'We were inspired by US radio show This American Life. Each week, they feature a range of stories related to a particular theme. We wanted to do something similar, only not on the radio, but in a newspaper.'

Why choose graphic journalism?

'Objective journalism is hard to come by, especially in mainstream newspapers. So its not only about showcasing graphic journalism, it's also about providing a platform for stories that you would not find in the mainstream media. We think graphic journalism is a great medium for story-telling. We're not just talking about comics, but photography and video as well.'

Can you tell us something about the contributing artists? It seems to be a mix of well-known artists like Tom Humberstone and Olivier Kugler alongside artists that are not yet established names.

'We want to provide a platform where emerging artists can exhibit their work alongside established artists. We want a real mix of types of work and different narratives, and that comes from a real mix of people. Also, including some known artists obviously boosts our profile.'

Kugler                                   Artwork by Olivier Kugler, from his contribution on the living conditions of Syrian refugees.

Assuming you reach your Kickstarter goal and your first issue is a success, what's your vision for the future of the magazine. Do you plan to fund every issue with a crowdfunding campaign?

'We'll have to see. I envision it to be both a printed and online publication. There’s lots of beautifully designed printed publications out there, but they're expensive to produce and not as far-reaching as a site. The main reason we want an online alternative, however, is that for the next issue, we want to feature film and sound documentaries as well as photography, writing and illustration.'

When do you plan to come out with the first issue?

'Once we get our funding, copies will be available at a number of comics and art fairs. We are also hoping to get them stocked in the best comic shops, art bookshops and even galleries around London.’

Briggs                   Artwork by Alice Leora Briggs, from her contribution about 'death houses' where people were tortured by the Juarez cartel.

If you're interested to find out more about Modern Life, check out their website, Facebook page and Kickstarter campaign.


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