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New Cartoonists

A Century of Silent Helpers, Part 1 (+ Preview of Part 2)


This week we published the first chapter of A Century of Silent Helpers, a 50-page comic about the history of development aid. The comic chronicles the history of Dutch aid organization Cordaid, within the broader context of the rise of international development aid in the 20th century.

Part 1 is set in 1914, as Dutch families take in Belgian children who have lost their parents because of the outbreak of the First World War. Other chapters will focus on missionary workers, the rise of government funded programs, and the future of development aid as public support for using tax money to fund NGOs sharply declines.

Within the context of these broad developments, the comic tells the stories of individuals wherever possible. Our perspective on aid may change, but helping is in our nature.

Next month we publish part 2, telling the story of Jos van Mackelenbergh, a deeply religious man, but also a silent helper that played a crucial role in the lives of two Jewish children during the Second World War. Here is a preview:


The comic is written by Cartoon Movement editor Tjeerd Royaards, and drawn by UK comic artist Tom Humberstone.


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Rachael Wachstein

I am a friend of George (Levy) Mueller and he wants to find the grandson of Jos van Mackelenbergh who has the same name. George is in his late 80's and wants to let Jos van Mackelenbergh's grandson know that his grandfather was a great man who saved his life. I am also trying to help George get Jos van Mackelenbergh recognized as a righteous gentile. If you can help me contact Jos van Mackelenbergh (the grandson) George would be most appreciative! According to Facebook, he lives in 's-Hertogenbosch. I can be reached at or 630-269-3725

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