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July 30, 2013


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These same tired arguments have been made against equal marriage since the idea of equality became controversial. The counter arguments are irrefutable. At what point does imagery like this stop being the 'controversial but valid' opinion or an ignorant minority and start being laughable, bigoted, cultish propaganda?

Sebastian Dinjens

It's an interesting issue on what you should publish and what you should not. It comes back to the identity of CM: are you a medium with an editorial policy (== philosophical and political worldview) or are you a neutral channel of others who hold and portray certain worldviews?

An interesting discussion, but hard to do without knowing the other side of the story. What this discussion could really use is a second blog post about those cartoons which were ultimately NOT published.

Cartoon Movement

Our policy is to be neutral in terms of politics and worldview, and to be a channel where different perspectives on the world are collected and discussed. Our editorial policy is relevant because every day the editors decide which cartoon will run on the homepage; this is decided in part by the audience (voting for cartoons), but also by what's in the news, by which cartoons we think will sell well to clients etc. In publishing cartoons on the homepage, we do try to be as neutral as possible, so we don't just publish cartoons we agree with.

If there were any cartoons that were removed from the website, we would certainly have mentioned it in this post, but up until now, we have never seriously considered removing any cartoon. That's also why we wanted to write this post; to start a discussion about what our editorial policy should be in the case of controversy, and if there are in fact any limits to what should be allowed in our newsroom.

Tjeerd Royaards - Editor-in-Chief


Would a racist cartoon attacking black people just because they are black, for instance, be published by this website? I think not (and hope not!) because I am sure there are some lines that should not be crossed.

However, when the subject is gay people it falls under the "freedom of opionion" category. Sorry, I am very disappointed with this, specially with all what is happening now in russia (the lower r is intentional by the way.)

Cartoon Movement

Honest answer: we don't know if we would allow a blatantly racist cartoon to run or not. That's also why we started this discussion, to find out if these images crossed a line, and if not, what type of images would. We do know that we would always prefer discussion over censorship.

Probably needless to say that is no way that these types of images would ever make it to publication on our homepage. This discussion is only about whether or not they should be visible in our public newsroom.


FIRE THE BIGOT RUSSIAN - They are sick sadistic bigots.

Russians Are Using Social Media To Lure In And Publicly Humiliate Gay Men http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/russians-are-using-social-media-to-lure-in-and-publicly-humi

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