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Cartoon Movement in Caen (France)

PosterNext week, Cartoon Movement will be present in Caen at the 3e Festival International du Dessin de Presse. Some of the world's best cartoonists will be present, and we hope to interview some of them for the blog.

This is the third edition of the festival, and the most comprehensive to date. Starting out in 2011 as a two-day event hat was created by the Caen Memorial and Cartooning for Peace, the festival has developed into a week long dialogue between cartoonists, journalists, students and the general public. Issues that will be debated are the future of editorial cartoons, the role of cartoons in revolutions, censorship and taboos.

A special item on the program is a showing of the documentary project Fini de Rire (No More Laughing) by Olivier Malvoisin. Some months back, we reported on this project, and commented that it was a great project, but a shame that it was only available in French and German, and that some of the features didn't seem to work. Last week we learned that we had stumbled upon a beta version, which explains why it was incomplete.

No More Laughing is a transmedia project, consisting of a documentary and a webdoc:

No More Laughing intends to revisit a number of major and minor events that occurred during the first years of the millennium. The lines are redrawn through cartoonists and their cartoons. As the story progresses in Israel, in Palestine, in Germany, in Tunisia, in France, in Belgium and in the United States, the film plots the various twists and turns of contemporary taboos and asks the following question: where does freedom of expression stand today?

No More Laughing, the webdoc is drawing new boundaries for freedom of expression thanks to relevant and powerful testimonies from cartoonists from all four corners of the globe, thus inviting Internet users to join in and assist with its experiment. Together with the various press cartoonists, the webdoc creates a global map of taboos and barriers to the freedom of expression.

We intend to talk to the director Olivier Malvoisin about this project, the reasons for making a (web)documentary and what he hopes to achieve. 

So stay tuned next week for more cartooning news, updates and interviews from France!  


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