The Power of Cartoons 5 - Ares from Cuba
The Power of Cartoons 7 - Sergei Tunin from Russia

The Power of Cartoons 6 - Dario Castillejos from Mexico

This series was produced in a partnership with Dutch magazine Nieuwe Liefde. Eight of our cartoonists talk about cartoons that were controversial or that got them in trouble. The interviews run in the March issue of Nieuwe Liefde magazine, and will be published in English here on the blog. The interviews were conducted by Julia Ploum. Today's cartoonist: Dario Castillejos from Mexico


Dario Castillejos is a Mexican cartoonist. Tens of thousands of people, among them many journalists, have died in the conflict between Mexican drug gangs and the state since 2006.

What inspired you to make this cartoon and what were the consequences?

‘The violence in Mexico, that has reached unexpected limits. The war on crime has left a trail of death, with more than 80,000 lives lost, many of which have been listed as "collateral damage" by the government. The country has positioned itself as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, comparable to war zones. Organized crime has found the perfect environment in the political system that governs us, characterized by impunity and corruption. The authorities know what these cartoons are about, but their indifferent complicity often makes silence their best escape.’

In which ways is freedom of press restricted in your country?

‘When the line between crime and authority becomes imperceptible, the freedom of press pays the price. In Mexico, you can write about almost any subject. But there are lines that should not be crossed, because they lead to dangerous roads where the good are not that good and the bad are even worse.’

How, in your opinion, can cartoons contribute to greater freedom?

‘The cartoon points out the abuses of governments, exhibits the temptations of power and criticizes the work of those who should commit the exercising of their authority to social causes. In this sense, the cartoon is a great tool for freedom of expression.’


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