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Interactive Project on International Justice

In September 2011, Cartoon Movement started a collaboration with the London School of Economics, supporting a six-year research project with cartoons and comics. A big part of the challenge for us was to find ways to present the academic research to the outside world.

To support the research, we set up six project newsroom, where cartoonists submit work on the various subjects: Gender, Security, Conflict, Resolution, Resources, Transitional Justice and Information. In 2012, we organized an exhibition at the LSE to show a selection of the cartoons.

In addition to cartoons, we also felt comics journalism could play an important role to support and present the research. We asked Dan Archer, a talented comic artist who is also a pioneer in the field of interactive comics, to make a comic on the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

ICCScreenshot from the interactive comic on the ICC.

With 'International Criminal Court: Global Deterrent or Paper Tiger?', he did an excellent job, creating  a timeline that explores not only the history of the ICC, but also the challenges and dilemmas faced by the institution. But the current comic is only meant to be a starting point. The real goal is transform the comic into a collaborative project that will incorporate the research on the ICC currently conducted by the LSE.

So how will it work? At the end of March, all the researchers and students will come together for three days to discuss the various perspectives and elements that could and/or should be added. These will include extra sections of comic, for instance by adding some particular cases, but also audio and video, such as interviews with people working at the ICC, and video reports by local journalists (via our sister site VJ Movement) from countries whose (former) leaders face(d) trial at the ICC.

Throughout 2013, the comic will grow to include a multitude of research perspectives, probably making it the first interactive academic comic in the world. Input for the comic is not limited to researchers and student, so if you have a valuable insight to offer, feel free to comment or send us an email. Chances are your perspective will be added to the comic.

New Shirt Design: Violence Against Women


Stop violence against women.

We have added a new design to our t-shirt webshop. This cartoon is made by Cuban artist Alex Falco. By ordering this shirt, or any other items, you're helping us to build a sustainable future for editorial cartooning:

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Don't like the shirts we picked? You can design a product yourself with this cartoon. And if you'd like to have a specific cartoon (over 800 available) to put on a shirt, bag or hoodie, drop us a line by email, and we'll be happy to help.

The Police – Part of the People or Part of the Power?

A new week of our project 360 Degrees. For three months, our cartoonists will be drawing cartoons based on your tweet on a certain theme. Check out the cartoons that were selected in the previous weeks here. This week's theme is about police:

The police – part of the people or part of the power (and why)?


Image: Alexander Dubovsky

Tweet your perspective including the hashtag #360D, and your tweet will appear in our project newsroom, and could be the made into a cartoon by our professional cartoonists. Every week the two best cartoons will be published on our homepage, and by Radio Netherlands Worldwide, as well as various media partners in the Middle East. If the cartoon based on your tweet wins, you win a high quality art print of the cartoon, or a t-shirt with the winning cartoon.