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February 26, 2013


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Maybe the headline is kind of poorly chosen? I may be interpreted by readers that there is a special censorship in Cuba while the cartoonists' answers don't mean exactly that...

I would suggest something more in accordance with the response.

Anyway, very interesting interview and the job of Adán, Alfredo and Osvaldo is great.

Cartoon Movement

Thanks for your feedback, Sete! This headline took some thought, and I agree it is not the most accurate description of the response from the cartoonists. Rather, it is meant to make readers curious (enough to read the interview). The first headline I considered was 'Cartooning in Cuba, but thought that was too dull, so I changed it too 'Of Course There Is Censorship, There Is Censorship Everywhere.', but that was too long, and didn't look right on the page. So that's why I ended up with this shorter title...

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