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Cartoon of the Day: Aid Dependency


Today's cartoon 'Aid Dependency' by Tanzanian artist Popa Matumula is in the spotlight at

There are still among us plenty who expect that people who dress differently than we do and who do not live in the same sorts of houses that we do will fall on their faces in superstitious fear and wonder at the astonishing sight of a cigarette lighter. 

But most of us, to begin with, don't carry cigarette lighters anymore anyway, and, in any case, are well aware of to how little an extent clothing and architecture reflect humanity.

And, thanks to better coverage and more responsible commentary, we're increasingly aware that sweeping into a disaster area with cigarette lighters and planeloads of rice is simply not the way to help a neighbor.

As Popa's cartoon indicates, that approach is how people become dependent on aid, and that should not, must not, cannot be the goal. It's not just insulting but actively counterproductive.

Read the entire reflection on Popa's cartoon here.


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