New Cartoonist: Joseba Morales
Cartoon Movement at SXSW

Cartoon Movement at the LSE

Expo copy

From January 23 until February 17, the London School of Economics hosted a Cartoon Movement exhibition of political cartoons, titled:  Justice and Security: There is More Than One Truth

The photos above give an impression of this exhibition. You can see all the cartoons included in the exhibition in this slideshow. Here's what some of the visitors had to say:


'Amazing cartoons, so pertinent to today's problems. Yet it seems many of us have been demonstrating and protesting for these same war stories and inequalities for many decades now.  Nothing much changes..... Sad. And shameful for the human race.'


'Would rather prefer not sending the military to Africa, so there would be no need of these cartoons.  Buy, hey, we are at LSE, so this a second best situation!  Shame on us.'


'Not sure about your title.  "Only one truth but shades of meaning" perhaps - discuss.  Killing and stuff can't be right.  If you remove the economic injustices then maybe you'll have justice.  Nayer's cartoon is the best for me.'


'Very interesting exhibition, educational and informative.  The pieces are clear to understand and to interpret and are thought-provoking. Excellent.'


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