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February 9, 2012


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That goes a long way to explain why the newspapers' greatest political comic, Bloom County, didn't last through the 90s.

Guy Badeaux

Dear J.J.,

I am happy to learn that I am finally a recognizable cartoonist.
On the other hand, I would like to point out that Dale Cummings and I had to leave our home town (Toronto in his case, Montreal in mine) in order to find full time employment in our early 30s.
We had both freelanced for 10 years in underground magazines for low pay and sometimes for no wages at all.
I think we paid our dues.

Editorial Cartoonist
Le Droit


As I said, your set has "put in their hours and deserve the status they’ve earned."

But even when you were young and poor, you at least still existed in a Canada where editorial cartoons were in demand.

Felix Wilcox

Traditional Canadian political cartoonists match their print-based employers: hopelessly obsolete. For a new generation, and a new style, let's happily look at Hark A Vagrant! Or Chester Brown. Neither topics, but what's wrong with 'soft' commentary?

Fred Sebastian

I agree the industry is in dire straits. Still, reading JJ's analysis of the 'best before date' on some of the cartoonists certainly raised my eyebrows. I became instantly curious to see what is 'new' and so distinct? My reaction? First, I will say that I echo his fellow Canadians: I like JJ's work. I also must admit, I was at a loss to guess JJ's age from the work I saw. And I think that was the main point.

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