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Inside the Favelas - Part 2

Today we publish 'Inside The Maré', the second part of Augusto Paim and MauMau's comic report examining life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro in the wake of massive police actions to sweep out drug cartels.

In preparation for hosting the World Soccer Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Rio launched heavy-handed police raids in 2010 to begin clearing out the slums--or favelas--where the most impoverished citizens live. Part One dealt with the police raids and the effect it had on residents. Now Inside The Maré focuses more closely on one favela and the lives of the people who live there.


Plagiarism costs cartoonist his job--again

Editorial cartoonist David Simpson was fired from his staff job in 2005 at Tulsa World for plagiarizing a cartoon. Now he's out of his job at Urban Tulsa Weekly for two straight weeks of publishing traced cartoons from the late Jeff MacNelly.

The Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog has an article about on David Simpson's career in plagiarism. Daily Cartoonist wrote about the latest case last week, with damning side by sides of the cartoons in question.

Kazanevsky's Comic Strip of the Day

Comic Strip of the Day writes about today's cartoon, "Security" by Vladimir Kazanevsky:

Kazanevsky lives in a land of ideological and political chaos. The cultural conflict of Westernizers versus Slavophiles was a philosophical concept for Russian novelists to bat about 150 years ago, but in Ukraine today the question of alignment with the EU or the former Soviet Union is much more immediate, much more pragmatic, and is not simply an issue of how you dress or whether you speak French. [Keep reading]