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A New Batch of Cartoonists

We've had a number of new cartoonists joining us in the last few weeks. Instead of writing separate items, we thought it would be easier to introduce them all in one post.

Cartoonists from Italy seem to be finding their way to Cartoon Movement in ever greater numbers. We've recently welcomed cartoonist duo Cecigian to the community, and now we're delighted to welcome Fabio Magnasciutti. Fabio is one of those artists that walks the line between cartoons and art, and his work shows us that cartoons can definitely go beyond pen, ink and cross-hatching. His work is published by La Repubblica, l'Unità, il Fatto Quotidiano and other italian newspapers.

  3     Planet of Garbage - Fabio Magnasciutti

Another very welcome addition to our community is Dutch cartoonist Jochem Coenen. Fresh out of the art academy, Jochem decided to pursue the not-so-obvious career of editorial cartooning. What is obvious is his talent for the job. Jochem says he's looking forward to develop and explore his talent within the Cartoon Movement community. We're always happy to support up-and-coming cartoonists, especially in these difficult times for cartooning, by providing a platform for their work.


2   NATO Police Mission in Afghanistan - Jochem Coenen

Third cartoonist to join is Reda Hafez from Egypt, another country that is becoming a regular supplier of new cartoonists. Reda's distinctive work is published in various Egyptian and Arab newspapers.


1    The Bloody Ditcator - Reda Hafez

Our newest member is Miquel Garcia, better known as Quel. With his unique style Quel's work is instantly recognizable, and often very funny. He publishes in two magazines (El Triangle and L'Aboia) and contributes weekly to


4    Germany Approves Euro Rescue Plan - Quel

Vote for any of the submissions by our new cartoonists by visiting our newsroom, or by clicking on the cartoons above.