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September 13, 2011


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Matt, I've always admired your work, and so am especially pleased that you see through this 'truther' bullshit.

In a note of massive irony, check out the other Veitch... Charlie Veitch.


This is a real thing? How big of a conspiracy do people need? 20 sleeper agents infiltrate US flight schools for years, the group they belong to assassinates the Last Decent Guy in Afghanistan the day before, and they hijack four planes and successfully crash three of them into high value targets. Is this somehow _not enough_ for these people?

Brian Romanoff

All the 9/11 dialouge in The Big Lie is backed up by an interactive citations page:

Funny that people still use the thoroughly dismissed Popluar Mechanics articles for "debunking" the "truthers" because it was not Popular Mechanics thatissued the final official report: it was NIST.

It was also a high school physics teacher (also a so called "truther") that was able to force NIST into admitting that WTC 7 had no resistance at points during its "collapse."

Now the FBI is accusing the CIA of a cover-up, and former 9/11 Commissioners want a new investigation too.

The 9/11 families themselves are actively calling for a new investigation as well!It was them who pressured the Government to form the 9/11 Commission in the first place.

Dave Hardy

Truthers and much of what may be called, for lack of a better term, mainstream viewpoints (eg, Rudy Giuliani, GW Bush), agree on one essential point: the 9/11 attacks can not possibly linked to a reaction in any form to US foreign policy.

For the Truthers just as the "mainstreamers", it is imperative to deny any attempt to make sense of 9/11 in relation to Al Qaeda's stated desire to retaliate against the US for our government's actions. Item: Quote from GW Bush, "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world." Item: Jeremiah Wright was ditched by Obama, less for nutty radicalism than claiming 9/11 demonstrated, "America's chickens are coming home to roost." Item: Recall Ron Paul's assertion in a 2008 GOP debate that Al Qaeda was motivated by opposition to US foreign policy and Rudy Giuliani's blank amazement. Giuliani had never heard such a thing. Item: Note the general disregard of Mike Sheuer's insightful commentary on Islamic radicalism.

I am in measure attempting to justify 9/11. I do not endorse mass-murder of Americans. I do however think the killers believed they had a particular cause & it was not an aimless dislike of tall buildings, Americans or non-Muslims. It was a hatred of US intervention & power projection in the Mid East & a willingness to kill & die for that cause. But try telling that to Truthers, or Republicans.

Dave Hardy

I am in NO measure. Jeez, I'm going to be the next Rev. Wright...

Alexander Hoffman

Great review Matt. I must say the story is far more compelling than anything I would have expected from a 9/11 truther comic (although time travel is a terribly overused deus ex machina). That said, it is just a "story." Blade Runner and Minority Report were great stories too, but anyone who'd argue they reflect reality should have their sanity questioned.

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