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Dutch Cartoonists Support Ali Ferzat

On behalf of the Dutch Press & Print Foundation cartoonist René Leisink (artist name Argus) has asked a number of prominent Dutch cartoonists to make a cartoon to support the Ali Ferzat, the Syrian cartoonist that was beaten up for his cartoons. Appropriately, the cartoons are shown as 'get well'-messages drawn on a cast.

Participating cartoonists are (from left to right): Reid, Geleijdse & Van Tol, Hajo, Ruben L. Oppenheimer, Argus, Marijn, Stefan verwey, Len Munnik , Joep Bertrams, Djanko, Farhad Foroutanian, Berend Vonk, Bas van der Schot and Trik.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Other platforms that have collected cartoons in support of Ali Ferzat are the Washington Post (featuring a number of cartoons made by artists from our network), and Cartooning for Peace.

Spam, Spam, Spam

The scourge of the Internet has finally caught up with us. The biggest nuisance of a growing website is spam. We've been getting away with having a simple registration system for some time, but no more. No doubt some of you have noticed (and have been annoyed by) the growing number of comments over the past few weeks that have been promoting some or other online store. What's worse, because we have this nice email alert system for comments, these comments have also ended up in your inbox.

Cartoon by Vladimir KazanevskySpam

We apologize for this, and want to inform everyone that we are taking steps to prevent spam, which we hope to implement in the next two weeks. The most important measure will be to include email verification in the registration process. For already registered users, nothing will change.