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March 28, 2011


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Sight. I found this book much more tedious and whack than all the glowing reviews I had read led me to expect. On the other hand, I'm someone who is deeply involved in this issue.

Still, on the base level, I thought that Glidden's interactions were kind of...dumb?

Like at some point, one of her interlocuters says something like "How can you criticize us? Aren't you progressive? Aren't progressives supposed to not criticize people?" And Glidden's character thinks to herself "Yeah, thats true." And I thought to myself, no, that's really idiotic. (I don't remember the exact exchange, but it's when she's in the desert staring up at the stars).

Glidden basically buys the hype. Every time she asks a question she is reassured by the propaganda, which does a great job of making the propaganda seem more credible, but doesn't actually address any of the real questions.

There are no Palestinian voices in the story other than a Birthright-paid tourist guide. This work is billed as "journalism" but she never independently verifies anything Birthright tells her, never goes off the reservation to see things for herself, never makes any more than the most cursory attempt at critical thought.


Beautiful watercolors, though.


Sorry, the panel is one where the Israeli says to Glidden: "How can a progressive be 'anti' anything?"

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