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March 2011

Zapiro Interview

The South African Human Rights Commission has ruled in favor of Jonathan Shapiro in the defamation suit launched by ANC president Jacob Zuma over the infamous 2008 cartoon depicting him preparing to rape Lady Justice.

The commission found that the cartoon expressed a level of "free, open, robust and even unrestrained criticism of politicians by a journalist" and had stimulated "valuable political debate".

Joni Els recently interviewed Zapiro in his studio as part of the "Laughing At Tyrants" series at VJ Movement, our sister site.


Previous interviews in the series feature Sherif Arafa of Egypt, Tony Namate of Zimbabwe, and Mario Robles of Mexico.

Cartoon Movement Blog

Welcome to the Cartoon Movement blog, a place where we'll be dicussing the latest happening in editorial cartooning and comics journalism.

CM's editors Tjeerd Royaards and Matt Bors will be tapping into our network of artists from around the world to bring you interviews and news on the most important issues relating to the fields. Expect something new each week. First up is an interview with CM contributor Sherif Arafa of Egypt. Next week we will post an interview with Hungarian cartoonists who are facing censorship under a new repressive media law.