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July 2, 2012


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Menekse Cam

The using without permission is really annoying! Maybe a watermark on all the cartoons published in Cartoon Movement would be a solution for this.

Elias Tabakeas

Yes it is a terrible situation… And yeah I was wondering about “ToonsOnLine” that I stumbled upon one day that I was googling my name…
Actually I am not that surprised because in Greece some newspaper and magazine publishers, using the current crisis as an alibi, use this terrible method of “see this great cartoon published at x … or uploaded at y” (sometimes without even the reference) rather than paying professional cartoonists to do cartoons for them… with the result a substantial proportion of us being unemployed…
As to the solution… no, watermarks are ugly… but perhaps one of those systems that prohibits the use of the mouse right- click (thus the ability to save the file)… I do not know how it is done but in my researches for photos for my cartoons I come across this sometimes…

Tjeerd Royaards

I don't like watermarks either. Hindering the right-click action (with a swap-over copyright notice) is a possibility, although I think the savvy picture-snatcher will just take a screenshot of the page and cut out the cartoon. It is a good way to show people that copyright is a serious issue. The US association of cartoonists has a copyright notice that appears when you hover over the cartoon with your mouse: http://editorialcartoonists.com/

Would that be a good option?


Muito bom

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